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The End of the National Emergency

It's now been three years since the lockdown started, and, while the virus is still out there, it appears—fingers crossed—that the worst days of COVID are behind us. The last three years have been a trying time for all of us: well over a million deaths, uncomfortable masks and other protective measures, supply shortages, isolation, and, in the insurance industry, numerous temporary rule changes.

ACA Preventive Care provides less coverage than you may think

Remember when we used to call the ACA the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or PPACA? That was the name of the Senate bill that the House of Representatives ended up passing, then there was a 55-page House reconciliation bill passed by the Senate. Together, the two bills are referred to as the Affordable Care Act, or ACA.

Done for You! A Medicare Explainer Email Template

One of the challenges of selling Medicare products is getting clients up to speed on how the program works so they can evaluate their options and make a decision. In other words, it’s not as simple as giving them the rates for a few supplements or explaining the features and benefits of three different Advantage plans; instead, for beneficiaries new to Medicare, agents usually have to educate clients about what Medicare A and B are, how to sign up, how much they cost, and what type of options are available in addition to Original Medicare. That takes time.

Individual Market – Looking Ahead to 2024

The 2023 open enrollment period ended January 15, and if you’re like most brokers, you’re probably exhausted and ready for a break. That’s understandable – this was a record-breaking year. HHS reports that nearly 16 million people signed up for Marketplace coverage during the open enrollment period, a 13 percent increase over 2022. Actually, that report came with a few days left in the 2023 signup period, so the final numbers will likely be even higher.

How will Chat GPT change the health insurance industry?

You’ve probably started to hear about ChatGPT, a new technology that responds to questions in natural language. And you’ll probably hear a lot more about it in 2023, so we thought we’d start the year by sharing some info about this amazing new tool.

Why You Should Work with an FMO (Part 2)

This post is the second in a five-part series about why brokers should work with a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) like AHCP. In the first post, we explained that an FMO can help by researching and vetting carriers and products that you should be offering, provide product education so you’ll be able to determine when these solutions are a good fit for your clients, and sweeten the deal by offering short-term sales incentives and bonus programs.

Do Insurance Ads Confuse Consumers?

It’s open enrollment time, and that means we’re seeing more insurance commercials than normal, especially those targeting Medicare beneficiaries. They’re nearly as annoying as the political ads we’ve been inundated with for months.

Why You Should Work with an FMO (Part 1)

We find that successful health insurance agents are continuously seeking out ways to improve their business, taking advantage of opportunities to grow their agency and help more clients find the right protection. It’s not easy these days operating in the field without the day-to-day interaction with like-minded agents we were used to years ago. But, one strategy that continues to propel agents to the leader boards year after year is by partnering with a Field Marketing Organization, or FMO.

Medicare Premiums and Cost Sharing for 2023

CMS has released the Medicare premium and cost sharing numbers for 2023, and it’s much better news than we received last year. For 2022, the standard Medicare Part B premium went up by more than $20 per month. For 2023, it’s actually going down a little. Finally, some good news!

Hospital Indemnity Plans Can Fill Big Gaps in Health Coverage

People buy health insurance to protect them in the event of a big medical claim. Unfortunately, with today’s rising deductibles and out-of-pocket limits, which will be $7,500 for HSA-qualified plans and $9,100 for non-HSA plans in 2023, despite its name, major medical health insurance alone isn’t enough for many people. Even with insurance protection, a huge percentage of Americans will have trouble paying their share of the bills.

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