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HSA and ACA Limits for 2025

The Internal Revenue Service has announced the 2025 deductible, out-of-pocket, and contribution limits for Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Here they are:

Client Retention: Strategies for Keeping Your Clients for Life

For many insurance agents and brokers, selling new business is our primary focus. Yet, we all know it’s easier and less expensive to keep a current client than it is to attract a new one. The secret to building a successful insurance practice is retaining clients over the long term; client retention is essential for the stability, growth, and profitability of an agency. In this article, we explore sensible strategies for maintaining enduring client relationships, emphasizing the importance of regular check-ins, personalized advice, adapting to clients' life changes, and leveraging technology for enhanced communication.

Comparative Analysis of Presidential Health Care Priorities

Well, it’s official. The 2024 presidential election will be a re-match of 2020: Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump. The current and former president have each captured their party’s nomination and will once again face off in November. And that has some wondering how a potential victory by President Biden or President Trump would impact health care and health insurance. While this might not be the number one concern of voters, it’s always high on the priority list. For brokers, it’s important to understand the priorities because, one way or another, our industry will be affected. And, between now and November, we’re likely to get questions from clients.

When Short-Term Health Plans Make Sense for Clients

Outside of the annual open enrollment period, individual clients can only enroll in an ACA-qualified plan if they have a qualifying life event. For clients who don’t qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP), a short-term health plan can be a good option. But there are other times when this innovative solution may be a good fit for clients as well.

New CMS Guidance on AI in Medicare Advantage Plans

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently issued guidance on its final 2024 Medicare Advantage rule, detailing new regulations on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Medicare Advantage plans. This rule reflects CMS's efforts to balance innovation in AI with the need for ethical and patient-centric healthcare delivery.

Capitalizing on Special Enrollment Periods: Opportunities Post-Open Enrollment

Now that the Open Enrollment Period has concluded, you might think it's time to kick back and relax for a few months. Not so fast! There are numerous situations that allow individuals to sign up for health insurance outside of the annual Open Enrollment Period, meaning there are still plenty of opportunities to assist clients. This article, based on the comprehensive guide from CMS titled Understanding Special Enrollment Periods, will help you navigate these critical periods to better serve your clients. You may want to share the guide with clients who are eligible for an SEP.

New Year, New Insurance: Why January Is the Perfect Time to Sell Life Insurance

The beginning of the year brings with it a sense of renewal and resolution, making early January an opportune time for clients to evaluate and enhance their life insurance coverage. With a little prodding from agents, clients can take important steps to secure their loved ones’ futures.

Why Slowing Down During Open Enrollment Is a Good Idea

During the busy open enrollment period, health insurance agents often find themselves racing against the clock, trying to assist as many clients as possible. However, this rush to move from one client to the next, though seemingly efficient, might not always be the most effective approach. Slowing down and investing more time in each individual client interaction can provide significant benefits for both the client and the agent. Here are a few reasons why:

The AEP Is Over, But There’s Still Plenty to Do

As we wave goodbye to the Annual Election Period (AEP) for Medicare Advantage and Part D plans, which concluded on December 7, you might be tempted to wind things down and enjoy the holidays. And while it is important to take a breather and spend time with loved ones in the coming weeks, it's also important to recognize that there’s still plenty of work to do. While the AEP is the busy time of year for many of us, the close of this period brings with it new opportunities, particularly in the individual market.

Surviving the Fourth Quarter Frenzy

For agents and brokers, the fourth quarter of the year—marked by countless renewals, new enrollments, and client interactions—can feel like a whirlwind. With the overlap of the Annual Election Period for Medicare beneficiaries, the individual open enrollment period, and the most popular renewal time for group clients, managing time effectively and maintaining efficiency becomes crucial. So how can agents navigate this busy season, ensuring they meet their clients' needs without compromising their own well-being?

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