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This Year, Agents are More Important Than Ever

It’s funny to think that, just a few years ago, many of us were worried that the government was creating a do-it-yourself, Travelocity©-like website that might eliminate the need for health insurance agents altogether. Boy, were we wrong.

Spread Out Your Pitches for More Sales Success

Are you striking out when trying to sell supplemental and ancillary insurance? Maybe it’s because you’re trying to cram all of your sales efforts into a single call or appointment. There are three big reasons why this may not be a good idea.

3 Open Enrollment Tips for Brokers

It’s that time of the year again—open enrollment. The 2016 individual open enrollment period begins November 1 and ends January 31, which means that brokers who specialize in individual coverage will be very busy for the next three months. To help make sure this is a successful selling season for you, we thought we’d share a few quick thoughts.

Congress Votes to Preserve Definition of Small Group

One of this fall’s “hot topics” highlighted in this month’s AHCP newsletter, was the definition of small group for purposes of the plan design and rating rules and how it varies and may change. One such change is that brought about by the Affordable Care Act. Starting in 2016, companies with 100 or fewer employees will be considered small employers and be subject to the essential benefits requirement and the modified adjusted community rating rules. Currently, every state sets the cutoff at 50 employees, rather than 100.

This Fall’s Hot Topics

A lot of the brokers who work with AHCP focus on both group and individual health insurance. Sure, most of you also market a full range of voluntary and supplemental products to your clients and prospects, but there’s no denying that health insurance is at the top of everyone’s priority list.

Special Enrollment Periods (how they work)

Special enrollment periods (SEPs) are nothing new. For health insurance agents working with groups, HIPAA regulations have meant that employees and family members who originally waive coverage on a group plan have special enrollment rights if they lose other qualified coverage or have a life event such as marriage, birth or adoption. During these special enrollment periods, employees and their family members usually have 30 days to sign up for the group health plan.

Be Aware of the Subsidy Trap

The Affordable Care Act’s advance premium tax credit (APTC) has been wildly successful. It’s helping millions of Americans pay for health insurance purchased through the individual Marketplace. However, something  that’s been confusing for many is the fact that it is an advance. The tax credit is based on the estimated amount that an individual believes they will earn in the coming year. This estimate must be made at the time of the insurance purchase, and, of course, the actual amount earned could ultimately be more or less than anticipated.

4 Ways to Get Set For Open Enrollment

It's August (already) and that means that Autumn is just around the corner. This season of change brings with it multi-colored leaves, harvest festivals, a crispness in the air and . . . the next open enrollment for consumers in the insurance market.

New Bill Would Permit Defined Contribution for Individual Health Plans

Some people dabble in health insurance. Others specialize. Those who dabble may sell it as a courtesy to

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Health Insurance RIGHT NOW

Use these to help you close more individual business

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