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This Year’s Open Enrollment Period Could Be Big

This year has flown by. We’re only weeks away from the start of another open enrollment period in the individual market, and all signs are pointing to this being a big one. Are you ready?

Do your clients ask you about car insurance?

Most agents want to provide accurate information to their clients. That makes sense. After all, we are the trusted advisors that clients rely on to learn about their insurance needs, evaluate the options they have to satisfy those needs, and purchase the insurance products that provide the best coverage at the most affordable price. It’s difficult to provide sound advice if we’re not confident in our level of understanding.

Travel Insurance Now a Requirement

It’s always a good idea to purchase travel health insurance when venturing outside the United States. Why? Because, without it, travelers may find that they only have coverage for medical emergencies, and those can be both very costly and a huge hassle. 

Why People Find Health Insurance Confusing

A lot of people find insurance to be confusing. That comes as a surprise to absolutely nobody. Insurance agents are all too familiar with the puzzled looks on their clients’ faces after explaining things in what they initially believed to be simple terms. 

Special Enrollment Period Ends August 15

We’re in the last few days of the six-month Special Enrollment Period (SEP). During the SEP, which was announced shortly after President Biden took office, consumers have had an opportunity to sign up for health coverage and, for those who qualify, take advantage of the enhanced premium tax credits under the American Rescue Plan Act. The SEP was set to end May 15, but CMS announced in March that it was being extended to the middle of August.

How the COBRA Subsidy Can Boost Individual Sales

In a recent post, we provided details about the new COBRA and State Continuation subsidy under the American Rescue Plan Act. If you missed it, the subsidy pays 100% of the COBRA or state mini-COBRA premium between April 1 and September 30 for COBRA/mini-COBRA eligible employees and covered family members who’ve lost their group coverage due to a reduction in work hours or an involuntary loss of employment. Click here to read the article.

Quick Overview of the ARPA COBRA Subsidy

If you have group health clients, you’re probably receiving calls from them asking about the new COBRA subsidy created by the American Rescue Plan Act. President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill provides a 100% subsidy for up to six months of the COBRA or state continuation premiums for eligible employees, former employees, and their covered family members. While that’s certainly a good thing for those who qualify, it’s creating headaches for employers and plan administrators. In this post, we’ll try to get you started and help answer some of the most important questions about the subsidy. There’s still some confusion about how this will work, so we won’t be getting too “in the weeds.” 

Halfway Through the SEP

By now, you’ve certainly heard about—and hopefully you’re taking advantage of—the three-month special enrollment period in the individual market. For those who haven’t paid close attention, here’s a quick summary to get you up to speed.

Four Different Types of Deductibles

Most people find insurance confusing. For agents, this isn’t a big surprise; we see the confusion on our clients’ faces when we try to explain their options to them, and we regularly hear clients use insurance terms like copay and coinsurance interchangeably. 

Why You Should Be Selling Life Insurance to Millennials

Even when nothing’s biting, fishing can be a fun and relaxing activity. We get a chance to be outdoors, and if we go with someone else, the time spent together can be enjoyable. Still, “catching…a bunch of fish,” as Outdoors Weekly points out, “is the main reason that we go fishing.” And to accomplish this goal, we need to find hungry fish. Here’s some advice the magazine provides in a recent article: To consistently catch fish, we first need to find them.  However, at times just finding the fish isn’t enough. You’ve got to find the fish that are willing to eat your bait.

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