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Do your clients ask you about car insurance?

Most agents want to provide accurate information to their clients. That makes sense. After all, we are the trusted advisors that clients rely on to learn about their insurance needs, evaluate the options they have to satisfy those needs, and purchase the insurance products that provide the best coverage at the most affordable price. It’s difficult to provide sound advice if we’re not confident in our level of understanding.

Helping Consumers Understand Their Options

You’ve probably seen the numbers. Week after week during the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people have been filing for unemployment. In fact, ABC News reports that, as of July 23, we’ve had 18 straight weeks in which “weekly jobless claims surpassed 1 million.” Since the pandemic began, “Approximately 50 million U.S. workers have filed for unemployment insurance,” and “at least 16 million workers are still receiving benefits.”

The Medical-Dental Connection

As a general rule, people don’t like health insurance. It’s confusing, the premiums are difficult for many people to afford, and those without serious or chronic conditions may never hit the deductible, reducing their perceived value of the plan.

Final Expense: Something Everyone Needs

They say the only two things in life that are guaranteed are death and taxes, and since most of us aren’t CPAs, we should probably focus our attention on the former rather than the latter.

Are you selling dental? You should be.

In the weeks ahead, you’ll be visiting in person or by phone with almost every one of your clients and prospects. That means that you have a great opportunity, with a slight adjustment to your normal sales pitch, to increase your income substantially while offering a great benefit that both individuals and employers will be interested in.

What to tell your clients about telehealth

To help combat the rising costs of health care we’re seeing a lot of new consumer tools emerge and growing in popularity.  Services and tools such as telemedicine, healthcare pricing tools, and prescription discount cards.  Some are offered on a stand-alone basis; others are incorporated into the health plans you’re already selling. Because these services are growing in popularity, we thought it was time for a quick update. In this post, we’ll get you up to speed on telehealth.

Here’s a Great Way to Supplement Your Commissions

When consumers buy less coverage, the cost of that coverage is supposed to go down. But that’s not what’s happened in recent years. Deductibles and out-of-pocket costs are higher than ever before, and so are monthly premiums—for millions of Americans, the new ACA plans really aren’t all that affordable.

Are you selling Final Expense Insurance? You should be.

Sooner or later, we’ll all have them: final expenses. When we pass away, there are a number of bills yet to be paid. The funeral, of course, is the big one for most people; burials, caskets, services, this all costs money. There are other expenses that happen as well; like medical bills, helping family and friends fly in for the service, and more. That’s where final expense insurance can help. So here is the question.

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