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Why You Should Work with an FMO (Part 4)

This article is the forth in a five-part series about why brokers should work with a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) like AHCP.

Why You Should Work with an FMO (Part 2)

This post is the second in a five-part series about why brokers should work with a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) like AHCP. In the first post, we explained that an FMO can help by researching and vetting carriers and products that you should be offering, provide product education so you’ll be able to determine when these solutions are a good fit for your clients, and sweeten the deal by offering short-term sales incentives and bonus programs.

Why You Should Work with an FMO (Part 1)

We find that successful health insurance agents are continuously seeking out ways to improve their business, taking advantage of opportunities to grow their agency and help more clients find the right protection. It’s not easy these days operating in the field without the day-to-day interaction with like-minded agents we were used to years ago. But, one strategy that continues to propel agents to the leader boards year after year is by partnering with a Field Marketing Organization, or FMO.

How Often Do You Check Email?

Email is an amazing productivity tool. It allows us to keep in touch with clients and colleagues at all hours of the day and night, and while phone calls and face-to-face meetings still have their place, it’s much more efficient than these other forms of communication.

An Extra 10 Hours Per Week

We’ve all heard the expression “time is money.” From this statement, we can conclude that if we had more time, we could make more money—wouldn’t that be nice?

The Way We Do Business Is About to Change

There seems to be an agreement in the insurance industry that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the way we do business is likely to change—not just in the short-term, but also on a long-term basis. That doesn’t mean that we expect the coronavirus to be with us long term; we’re all hoping that isn’t the case. But it does mean that, during the COVID-19 lockdown, agents have developed some new habits that are likely to stay with us long after the health emergency is over and everyone is allowed to return to the office.

The Benefits of Working from Home

We recently posted an article entitled “Your place or mine? Where do you sell health insurance?”. In it, we discussed the pros and cons of meeting clients at their homes or places of business versus having them meet you in your office. The article made the assumption that all agents have an office that they go to, but that’s definitely not the case. Some very successful agents have made the decision to work from home, foregoing an outside office and the benefits that come with it. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of working out of your house.

Do Something with Your Time

As we enter the second quarter, this is officially the slow time of the year. The phone has stopped ringing off the wall, and you’ve settled back into your normal insurance routine. So we have a question:

Are you teaching your kids the business?

Most of us didn’t grow up wanting to be insurance agents. Instead, the majority of insurance professionals found their way into the business by accident. There are a million stories, but what we’ve heard again and again from brokers across the country is that 1) they sort of stumbled into the industry, 2) now that they’re here, they really like it and don’t want to leave, and 3) they wish they had started when they were younger.

How much is a client worth?

Some larger firms that focus primarily on employee benefits will only work with clients that meet a minimum group size or annual revenue amount. Other brokers will spend hours with an individual client knowing that the commission they’ll receive will never fully compensate them for their time. Most brokers are somewhere in-between—they’ll accept most customers who want to do business with them, but they try to make a profit off every client.

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