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Health Insurance: Fixed vs. Variable Costs

A lot of agents are good at analyzing a client’s options, doing the math, and then recommending a plan that will save the client the most money. After all, that is a big part of the agent’s job: to provide analysis and advice to the client.

Helping Consumers Understand Their Options

You’ve probably seen the numbers. Week after week during the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people have been filing for unemployment. In fact, ABC News reports that, as of July 23, we’ve had 18 straight weeks in which “weekly jobless claims surpassed 1 million.” Since the pandemic began, “Approximately 50 million U.S. workers have filed for unemployment insurance,” and “at least 16 million workers are still receiving benefits.”

Multi-Part Health Plans

Back in the good old days—just a few short years ago—it was possible to sell clients a health plan that checked all of the boxes:

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