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An Uneducated Decision

This will come as a surprise to absolutely none of you, but, according to Forbes, “Healthcare Consumers Lack Knowledge Of Basic Health Insurance Terms.” Actually, that’s the name of a December 3 article that summarizes the findings of a recently released survey by Policygenius that shows, among other things, just “how challenging health insurance is for many American consumers to understand.”

Health Care for Busy People

Everyone’s busy these days. And sometimes, the busy lifestyles we lead can have a negative effect on our health. Busy people often fail to get enough sleep, skip breakfast, get stressed out while sitting in traffic, eat junk food during the day because it’s quicker and easier than eating healthy, don’t drink enough water while at work, skip the gym because they’re too tired or don’t have time, and, yes, fail to go to the doctor on a regular basis. Instead of taking care of themselves like they should, they wait until they get sick, and then they want a quick fix so they can get back to their busy lives.

Help Your Clients Save Money on Prescriptions

Prescriptions costs are skyrocketing. We all know that. But did you know that there are several ways for employees and individuals to save money on their monthly medications? Here are a few ideas that are worth sharing with your clients.

Are your clients good healthcare consumers?

(and if not, who’s to blame?)

Did EpiPen just make your job more difficult?

You’ve probably seen the news recently about EpiPen’s very public “shaming” over what many consumers believe to be unethical price increases on its life-saving epinephrine injections. People with severe allergies, including a lot of children, rely on EpiPens when they have an allergic reaction. Schools across the country stock the pens just in case something happens, and worried parents make sure they have a couple on hand at all times.

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